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Dave was diagnosed with colon cancer just before his 67th birthday and was devastated. Only two years ago he and his wife Pam had begun their dream retirement on Andalusia’s Costa Tropical.

Dave suffered not only from abdominal pain, severe headaches and constipation, but also depression and isolation. Every appointment with doctors was both uncomfortable and embarrassing. Dave and Pam had only basic Spanish and could not easily communicate with local medical staff.

Everything in their life had suddenly changed. Dave and Pam really didn’t know what to do. They had almost decided to return to England when a good friend of Pam’s suggested that she call the Acompalia Helpline.

Pam got in touch, and for the first time in a long while, felt that she was not alone. The Acompalia Helpline operator set up a meeting with an Acompanion volunteer who was able to accompany Dave and Pam to doctors’ appointments and treatment sessions. Acompalia helped Dave and Pam resolve their many questions and provided a free massage in Acompalia’s centre (Calle Peñoncillos, Lanjarón). It also offered them an opportunity to meet with a psychologist.

Even though Dave’s health challenges grew, Pam felt considerably more confident in her ability to cope, and knew she could always call on Acompalia if she needed more help or support.

One year later, Dave and Pam are still enjoying the sunshine and their Spanish lifestyle. With ongoing support from their Acompanion, they both feel that they can face the future and live their dream for as long as possible.

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