Our Acompanion service provides trained, bilingual volunteers to accompany patients and family members to medical appointments and help later when nurses and doctors visit patients at home.

Unions making a difference in peoples’ life

When Claire had another doctor’s appointment and, once again, did not fully understand what was being said to her, she began to seriously question her ability to cope.

Claire’s head was full of questions: ‘What did the doctor really say about the treatment and prognosis? How do I get to the hospital if I am feeling unwell? And ‘what am I supposed to do now?’

Of course, she had told her friends about what she was going through but was reluctant to keep discussing her worries with them, for fear of driving them away. She felt increasingly alone and afraid.

One day, Claire was reading the Sentinella magazine and found an article about the Acompanion service provided by Acompalia. She learned that she could call on an Acompanion who could help her arrange appointments with her Doctor and other specialists, accompany her to appointments and act as an interpreter.

Claire immediately called Acompalia’s Helpline. The operator put her in touch with an Acompanion not far from where she lived. Initially she was nervous about sharing her personal information with a stranger, but soon discovered that her Acompanion was friendly, knowledgeable and discreet.

Claire now feels a lot more positive about making the most of the time she has left. With her Acompanion to speak on her behalf, she can ask detailed questions and get clear guidelines on maintaining the best possible quality of life while dealing with health challenges as they arise.