Palliative Care in Granada Province

Acompalia supports terminally ill patients and their families in Granada province and along the Costa Tropical in southern Spain. It provides free of charge services that help terminally ill patients to live each remaining day as fully as possible.

Loved ones

Most of us would prefer to die at home or in sympathetic surroundings, with our families close by.

Pain relief

We want effective pain relief and appropriate but non-intrusive medical care.

Emotional support

We all hope, and even expect, that our loved ones will be supported – emotionally and practically – during and after our final days.


Our Acompanion service provides trained, bilingual volunteers to accompany patients and family members to medical appointments and help later when nurses and doctors visit patients at home.


The Helpline provides practical support and a sympathetic ear for patients and their families when they need it most.

Grief Support

Acompalia is at your side from the early stages until the very end; it keeps you company and gives you helpful advice in these difficult times.

Legal Advice

You need to be prepared for the end of life. Acompalia can help make sure that you get appropriate legal advice so that all the formalities are properly taken care of, and that your loved one’s wishes are respected.

What you can do


If you enjoy working for people and having an impact on your local community, or if you just have lots of inspirational ideas and would like to offer your time, talent and skills – join our creative and dedicated team. Their work already makes a real difference in the everyday life of terminally ill patients.

Give items

All the items that you donate go directly to shops and rastros or other Acompalia events. They provide the funds we need to build a Palliative Center, and later a Hospice for terminally ill patients. We also look for specific items that will help to make a difference today for our patients or to support other Acompalia fund-raising activities.


Please help us by making a donation today. However large or small, your donation goes directly to providing services that can help ‘make each day a gift’ for terminally ill patients and their families in Granada province. You can make your donation personal or share with your friends. Many thanks in advance for your support – all donations are very welcome!

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